Building Construction Design


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  • Institute of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building (E3D)
  • Institute of Structural Concrete (IMB)
  • Institute Of Steel Construction (STB)

In the course of lectures on building construction design, the students will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge regarding structural planning and building technology – from the original design to its implementation – taking structural requirements into account by means of purposeful design principles. The aim of this module is to gain skills in the way of optimized structural design by taking the mutual requirements of solid and steel construction as well as aspects of building technology into account. Thus, the students will also be able to identify saving potentials and to optimize the construction processes in the scope of integrated design. The objectives in detail are: introduction to building-structure interactions; identification and qualification of significant correlations; position, influence and importance of the engineer; interaction between the parties involved in the construction project and implications for the design and layout of structure; choice of structure with regard to possible factors of influence. In the scope of building construction design, the Chair E3D uses – inter alia – modern BIM-methods such as 3D CAD systems for building services

Lecturer from E3D: Christoph van Treeck


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