Life Cycles of Construction Projects



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This interdisciplinary lecture series is organized by four institutes; the Institute of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building (E3D), the Institute of Structural Concrete (IMB), the Institute of Construction Business and Project Management (IBB) and the Chair of Geotechnical Engineering (GIB).

The course provides an overview of the different construction phases, based on a specific project. The aim is to understand the interfaces between the different planning disciplines, the construction-specific ancillary conditions, as well as the requirements in the course of construction projects. Drawing on a “real” building project, we will take a more detailed look at the following aspects that play a role in a project’s life cycle: project initiation and project launch; planning the project and the object; construction technology (substructure, structural work, fitout); the construction process; project completion; facility management.

Lecturer for E3D: Christoph van Treeck


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